Illustration of the color code at the bottom of toothpaste tube
2015-01-15 10:34:00

     Illustration of the color code at the bottom of toothpaste tube
    Recently, because rumors as “different color codes indicate different components ” confuse consumers a lot in purchasing toothpastes. Clarification and illustration as follow.

1.Uses of the color code
   The color code at the bottom of toothpaste tube is used for locations and identification when filling and sealing the toothpaste.  So that the filling and sealing can be in a right position. It’s also called the locating point of electric eye.
 It is common used in products packaged in tubes as cosmetics, food, etc.  
2.Choices of the color code
    Different design of toothpaste tube has different color code which is not relevant to components of toothpaste. Color which can be inducted easily and distinguished from the ground color of toothpaste will be used as color code.
3.Components of toothpaste
    Toothpaste is made up of various components. And components of each kind of toothpaste are slightly different. Consumers can know details of the components from the package of toothpaste. As there is no category as pure nature and pure chemistry, toothpaste complying with Requirements of Toothpaste Ingredient can be used assuredly.  Actually, there is no need to pursue pure nature deliberately when purchasing daily items. Because chemical components exist extensively in our daily lives, for example pypocholoride in tap water, preservative in food, flavors and fragrances and so on.